Cloud-Controlled Robotics Application in SupraTix

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Build up Cloud Robotics Application in SupraTix

SupraTix GmbH developed a cloud-controlled “lab” (reSTEMlab) or Cloud Robotics application with a fully automated robot (RaaS) that enables to make experiments from anywhere via the Internet. The operations controlled through a proprietary digital ecosystem "smart environment" that eases management, delivery, and measurement of an organisation’s corporate programs. This solution addresses concerns, SMEs, startups and educational/governmental organisations.

SupraTix cloud robot solution is a part of the portfolio for the digital transformation of manufacturing industry - SupraTix co-creation platform (digital ecosystem).

A new generation SupraTix cloud robot solution enables customers to prepare, make and analyse a production process and R&D activity much more open, flexible, cheaper and safer than the current existing applications offered today.

SupraTix robot solution has a standardised API (application programming interface) for a wide range of robot programming languages used in manufacturing. With the use of the robot solution, customers can perform standardised and user-friendly programming from different types of robots with the visual programming language. This generalised programming language from SupraTix GmbH allows manufacturing workers, who do not have a proficiency in programming languages variety of different sorts of robots, to utilise the lab with positive user experience. Customers can program with the solution at a go, often merely by demonstrating a task or inputting a few commands on an tablet.

Clients can use SupraTix robot solution as a training tool for its workers. The remote lab or the implementation in a plant is being connected to the smart environment solution of SupraTix GmbH. Customers can effectively combat a skill gap and shortage of skilled workers while SupraTix provides an innovative „train-by-demonstration“ tool with cloud simulation option and in-service maintenance.

Because of its affordability, SupraTix robot solution has the edge over the other industrial robot solutions. It is priced for companies to receive ROI in months instead of decades.

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Die SupraTix GmbH stellt digitale Ökosysteme bereit, die es ermöglichen Produktionsabläufe zu digitalisieren und an die Anforderungen der heutigen Arbeitswelt anzupassen. Unternehmen können dadurch neue Geschäftsfelder erschließen und Unternehmensstrukturen kosteneffizienter …

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