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The AgilHybrid competency model

For the development of digital business models, both managers and development teams must be equipped with a broad range of competencies.
Only teams that have a broad range of different competencies can be successful in the world of digital transformation.
Digital skills in the sense of digital thinking and data understanding are in demand, but not necessarily the most important. The availability of information today is very high and fast, so skills for procurement and yield-oriented use are increasingly in the foreground.

Particularly important competencies for agile development teams are:


This includes a pronounced willingness to change on the part of the employees coupled with the ability to recognize new requirements independently and to acquire new knowledge in a self-organized manner. This also requires a comprehensive overview of which specific knowledge from possibly different domains is important for innovative solution development.

Ability for agile development

This ability is becoming increasingly important for quickly and efficiently transforming ideas for new business models into suitable prototypes, verifying the concrete added value for customers, and iteratively testing and validating the business concept. With such agile skills, it is possible to keep the complexity of developing digital business models controllable or at least manageable.

Ability to collaborate in a self-organized and transparent manner

Also essential is the ability to collaborate in a self-organized and transparent manner in independent, often interdisciplinary teams. Such development teams need employees who cultivate knowledge sharing and have strong teamwork skills, a willingness to communicate and cooperate openly, and constructive conflict management skills.

Entrepreneurial skills, strong thinking in business models and networked ecosystems

These skills are necessary in order to assess the various ideas for their market suitability and profitability and to consistently drive them forward toward realization in collaboration with the required partners and change in the revenue model. In addition, agile development teams require a high degree of initiative, willingness to take risks, openness to coincidences and acceptance of responsibility on the part of the employees.

Competent executives are existential for the digital transformation of companies:

What competencies and skills do managers need to be successful in the world of digital transformation and to lead their teams in such a way that the development of new digital business models succeeds?

Digitalization creates new opportunities for innovation. People are responsible for transforming these into digital business models that create value for the company.

In order for the respective company to be able to face up to the digital transformation in an innovative way, managers are needed who create the appropriate framework conditions for their teams.

Leadership in the age of New Work

Work is shifting more strongly to team structures. Individual employees are given more responsibility and responsible tasks are distributed more flexibly. This distribution is based more on competencies and less on hierarchical structures.

What skills do managers need to enable their teams to launch new digital services and digital business models? To answer this question, the AgilHybrid project team evaluated literature research, interviewed people with expertise, and analyzed a CATI survey of 200 German companies.

5 key guiding principles for successful leaders

Guiding principle 1 | Think entrepreneurially and lead your team with a sense of purpose

To put the working world on a new footing, you have the ability to think entrepreneurially and you are open to coincidences. You stand for a sense-oriented and identity-creating leadership. This means that actions may be examined and questioned in the team with regard to their inner content; the benefit is in the foreground.

Guiding principle 2 | Act with a willingness to experiment and remain open to change

The goal is to be versatile in order to be able to adapt quickly to new circumstances. This includes a high degree of willingness to take risks and experiment. You embrace change and see it as an opportunity: to change and improve processes and ideas. The 4-phase model developed in AgilHybrid forms an interface between the phases of business model innovation and the competencies and methods relevant therein.

Guiding principle 3 | Live agility and continuously reflect both your work and the work in the team

To successfully coordinate teams working in agile, it is important to be agile yourself. Agile leaders are capable of reflection and are aligned with the needs of their customers. They focus the development of new digital business models on the benefits and added value for their target groups.

Reading tip: The study "The agility paradox - agile to the finish line" shows which rules are important in agile working.

Guiding principle 4 | Encourage collaboration and value the diverse skills of the people in your team.

For good collaboration in the company, it is necessary to support the employees, to model openness towards them and to see the competencies in the team as an opportunity and enrichment and not as competition. This also includes handing over responsibility. When it comes to developing digital business models, people with different skills are needed. Talents must be recognized and trained.

Guiding principle 5 | Use digital techniques and communication methods

The digital transformation promotes decentralized working. This requires managers to be able to lead a team at a distance and to work with the appropriate tools. It is therefore essential to be well-versed in digital techniques and social media communication.

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The power of iAccelerator tools

The power of the tools is based on science. The iAccelerator emerged from the research project AGILHYBRID.

The aim of the research project was to enable German SMEs to develop digital business models.

In more than 3 years of research, Supratix GmbH together with renowned industry partners such as Viessmann, Wilo, Blanc & Fischer Familienholding und Kölling Glas GmbH & Co. KG and renowned universities such as HHL, MLU, HSK dealt with business model development in the age of digitalization.

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